How To Create a Social Media Calendar

Whether your a business owner who is just getting started or have an established business and are looking to grow your current social media following developing a social media calendar is the key to your online success. I have put together a simple step by step how to in order to get started on your own.

blank-calendar-2017Step 1: Assess where you are in the Calendar year. I like to start looking physically at dates some good tools you can use are:

  1. Google Calendar.
  2. A physical Agenda.

Step 2: Next check out what national holidays are going on and how can you be timely in your promotions and social media posts to become part of the discussion.

  1. For example this month we have coming up:
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Giving Tuesday

Step 3: Take a look at an international Holiday Calendar, this is where you can find those awesome hashtags with their appropriate dates and if they’re fitting for your business, use them!

  • Here are some great sources for hashtag calendars:
    • Hubspot Social Media Calendar
    • Examples of Holidays:
      • National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, November 5-11 (First Full Week)
      • November 4th
        • National Candy Day
        • National Stress Awareness Day

Step 4: From these dates create a general idea of an email calendar- this is part of an editorial calendar but social media posts should be in line with your email blasts and promotions or deals that are timely.

Step 5: Based on your findings from the holidays during the month, the national hashtag days, and what you have planned as far as promotions and email blasts you should begin to record these dates you know you want to post on, on your physical calendar for you to see. From the dates, you already have, begin to fill in the blanks. Below is the post frequency (how much you should post) for each social platform:

  • Facebook:
    • 1 post a day- anything more can feel too spammy I however feel this is different for retail
    • Share a couple of other posts a day after 12pm
  • Twitter:
    • 15 posts a day starting at 2am- 10pm the next day
    • Retweet 7 Tweets a day
  • LinkedIn:
    • 1 Per Day between 10-11
  • Instagram
    • 1-2 posts per day

With this in mind, you can go ahead and fill in physically what product, service or topic you’d like to share during the month on social media. Remember that the frequency listed above is the key to unlocking your success on social media, gaining followers and increasing engagement rates. 

The next step is to implement your social media calendar and create one each month!

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