5 Social Media Techniques to Increase Brand Awareness and Drive Traffic

Now that you might’ve read my previous post on how to begin a social media calendar this post is a great segway for getting into the nitty gritty of content to add to your calendar. As we drill down further to drive traffic to your site you might be getting stuck on filling your social media calendar with images and quotes. Before you complete that calendar read this first!

Social media is multi faceted and it is important not to get stuck on one specific kind of content or else you’ll see traffic and engagement either stay stagnant or decline altogether. That is why it’s important that you’re organically using the following content and paid advertisements or boosted posts regularly.

1. Regularly posting. 

Social media is an ever changing industry and so it’s only right that what was working a few years ago for your business is currently outdated. Social media and search engines have recently merged meaning that having an active social media presence is key to speaking the language of algorithms and driving traffic all while improving your ranking. Posting regularly is the first step to get you where you want to go. If nothing at all, you should be posting on Google + and Facebook. After you post regularly, boost the posts that do organically well, it doesn’t matter how much you invest it could be $10 or $20. Facebook shares rank the highest for the connected site, then Facebook comments and likes.

 2. Blogging.

As stated above, the rules to the game are always changing. A few years back blogging meant little to nothing to SEO ranking but fast forward to today and it is an essential content marketing tactic to get your website noticed, and add to your sales funnel. There are many ways blogging helps drive traffic to your site. Content related to your field adds SEO value, positions your brand as an industry leader and can even decrease the bounce rate on your site by adding inbound links to articles.

3. Sharing interesting content & articles.

As a brand when you share other people’s articles they are more likely to share yours. For B2C companies this holds especially true. By getting more Facebook shares on your own content you’re also adding value to your website as a whole and you are more likely to be positioned better in search results. Sharing content also helps businesses or customers to associate your brand with the content that you’re sharing. When it comes to social platforms like Twitter or Instagram a fan of a page you’re sharing information from will easily find you so that’s even better if you have the same audience as that of the source of information! It also allows you to start or be apart of a relevant conversation.

4. Live Videos

Live videos are key components in boosting engagement rates. Video tends to fare better online due to it’s interaction with the audience. Live videos allow you to communicate in real time with your audience, get personal, and remind them that you’re online ready to engage with them. This is a great technique to announce a big promotion, new arrivals, or even tell your audience something about yourself.

5. Getting influencers involved.

The last and final tidbit of advice I can give is to get some influencers involved in your campaign. For a fee or free product influencers will be happy to work with you, search your target market to find out who the key people are there that have large followings. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money especially if it can triple that investment. Influencers help get the word out about your product, can help start conversations around your brand and will ultimately drive traffic to your social media or website.

If you’ve tried any of these methods and have had success please drop your comments below.

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