Why Facebook Ads Are More Effective Than Traditional Advertising

I talk to business owners every day who continue to use traditional advertising and are not getting the same results as they did 10 years ago. Times are changing and that’s both good and bad in the eyes of a small business owner. It can be difficult keeping up with the changing trends of social media and digital marketing but every day it’s being proven more effective than traditional advertising. Here are a few reasons why Facebook ads are more effective than traditional advertising:

  1. It’s cheaper. 
    • So this is pretty self-explanatory. For small to medium-sized businesses who don’t have big box bucks, digital advertising is extremely cheap in comparison to what it costs to run a traditional ad in a newspaper, magazine or billboard. Traditional advertising could cost companies thousands to run just one ad for a short amount of time. Luckily, Pew Research studies show that over 58% of American adults are on Facebook. Some businesses don’t need another reason beyond the cost-effectiveness of Facebook Ads.
  2. You can target specific audiences.
    • I like to think of traditional advertising as shooting darts in the dark with your eyes closed, hoping to somehow reach the target. With traditional advertising, you have no idea who is going to see your ad, so how can you be sure you’re going to get a return on your investment? With Facebook advertising, you can choose your ideal client or audience avatar. Many people who have been in businesses for a couple of years at least know what the people look like that spend the most money with them, what are their behaviors, how much money do they make annually? With the power of Facebook advertising, you can put your advertisement in front of the eyes of people who really matter to your brand, not just anyone and everyone. Would you market Victoria’s Secret to 70-year-old men? If the answer is no, then stop wasting your time putting your ads for fishing gear in front vegans, get smart about your ad budget and turn your attention to digital advertising.
  3. Better measurement.
    • As a marketer ROI is the most important aspect of marketing campaigns. Ideas are great but if they aren’t measurable or not working altogether it’s time to re-evaluate. However, if something is working you’ve hit the sweet spot and you know how the old saying goes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Digital marketing ads provide insight into what ads work best, how many people are interacting with your content, and which content they like the most. It’s even possible to stop an ad at any point if it’s not getting you the results you want and retarget. Traditional advertising can’t compete with the ROI measurement of digital advertising. Not only are you better able to track measurement but you’re also given insight into the behaviors of your consumers and that information is truly invaluable.
  4. You can have more control over what kind of action you want them to take. 
    • What is it that you want out of your Facebook or social media posts? Do you want your audience to call now, like, share, or visit your website? Well with Facebook advertising you can set your call to action based on your brand’s needs and desires. This is something that is obviously not possible with traditional advertising, and again here we find it easy to track who is doing what. With the power of Facebook Ads, the control is in the hands of the business.

With the rise of digital marketing, business owners are facing the need to give up traditional advertising altogether or allocate at least part of their ad budget to digital advertising. I’m not saying that you absolutely have to stop traditional advertising but I do recommend that you spend less than you ever did on it and at least give Facebook Advertising a try. Being consistent in with your digital advertising is the key to getting the best results!

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