Digital Marketing Trends for The Holiday Season

This weekend is one of the biggest for holiday season sales, brands should look to upcoming trends to see how they can make the most out of their digital strategy.

Mobile Devices

Make sure that you are running mobile ads throughout this holiday season. Statistics show that more and more consumers have unfavorable attitudes towards stores being open during Thanksgiving driving mobile conversions right after 4pm on Thanksgiving thanksgiving-day-shopping-surveyday. This is consistent with the average eating hours on Thanksgiving day which means after a meal buyers are likely to research brands and products on their phones or even begin their holiday purchasing. Thus supporting mobile ads are key attributes for your brand this holiday season.


According to Hubspot, 50% of buyers will look for video content of a product before visiting an online store. Incorporating video content into your holiday’s social media strategy is essential in increasing your holiday season conversion rates. Videos can range from how to videos, announcing new arrivals, showcasing specific items, or descriptive videos. Videos also work with Facebook algorithms to place your brand in front of consumers at a higher rate, increasing engagement and impressions (getting more people to see your posts on their timeline).

Social Media Strategy

Don’t give up if your one social media post hasn’t produced overwhelming sales results. Studies show that consistency is key when trying to increase conversion rates so make sure you’re planning out multiple promotions throughout Christmas and yes, even after Christmas. Make sure you are engaging with your consumers outside of sales based approaches, maybe even asking them what the would like to see go on sale and run promotions based on the responses.

Holiday Events

Facebook just launched a new app called Local which shows all local events in your area. If you have a brick and morter I would highly recommend hosting a holiday event, it can be centered around donations, meet and greets, sip and shop, whatever your heart desires, make it cheery and festive. With this new app, more consumers are able to see what is going on in their cities and participate. Plus it’s a great way to position yourself on Facebook.

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