As We Close Out The Year Here’s a Look at the Top Marketing Demands in 2017

Digital advertising

  • Digital advertising encompasses anything and everything that is paid for or sponsored. This can include web banners, sponsored posts, and other digital displays. A report done by McKinley Marketing Partners shows that at 46% this was the skill in highest demand by companies in 2017. This is because more and more paid advertising is looking less like advertising and more like an organic part of the user experience but only when done right. This new trend is called Native Advertising.
  • Native Ads are designed to look and feel like an organic post, it can be a blog post that an organization is promoting or even a contest. This content, if done right, gets 25% more views than other sponsored posts and drive more conversions than typical advertising. Most of the time this takes an experienced marketing person to craft the right message for your audience to look and feel as natural as possible.

Content Creation & Curation

  • While content creation is the process of creating online materials like social media posts, the act of curation is sorting through all the content to figure out which content is best for what audience and when. Many times the best content creation comes from a mix of best practices and fresh original ideas to tailor something to your brand that works and works well. At the beginning stages of any content plan, it can be as simple as making sure you’re posting every day.
  • Content curation comes when you have put the content out there and you’ve also been tracking ROI. By tracking and measuring content, organizations are able to see what resonates best with their audience and what isn’t working at all. Marketing practices are very results driven so it is always best to have an expert on your side when trying to build an online presence.

Content Strategy

  • This is where the creation of calendars comes in. Content strategy is taking what you learn from content creation and curation and turning it into a process. Measurement and monetization work better when there’s an actual strategy behind it.
  • Content strategy can range from identifying key target audiences to creating an editorial calendar and a social media calendar to even beginning an influencer program. Again this is where an expert really comes in handy by helping you to think outside of the box or even achieve things you as a business owner couldn’t do on your own.


  • Being social is so much more than posting unique content if it wasn’t then every business could do it! In order to be social, a brand has to engage with users and influencers. There is no better way to ensure your marketing efforts than maintaining an ongoing relationship with your followers. Consistency is key to being social.


  • I’ve talked to numerous business owners who either don’t use email at all or don’t have an effective strategy in place. The key to driving sales is offering customers incentives and the best way to communicate those incentives are via email. According to Hubspot 86% of consumers actually, want to receive offers from businesses once a month.
  • Another aspect you want to secure is generating interesting or educational content. When a customer invites you into their inbox it’s a very intimate experience so you want to make sure you’re not just filling up their space, time and cellular data with junk. Email content should be tested and measured to ensure you’re getting the best out of your email marketing strategy.


This is a wrap up of what 2017 brought us, keep this in mind when formulating your 2018 marketing budget and strategy.

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