5 Habits You Should Start to Make 2018 Your Best Year


There is so much going on around us on a daily basis we are always checking our cell phones, our Instagram page, sending reports via email that the best thing we can do is disconnect. A recent Harvard Business Review Article showed evidence that the key to being a successful leader is mindfulness and the best way to achieve mindfulness is in fact through meditation.

This works especially well if you’re feeling stuck while going into your new year and are looking for inspiration to get you motivated to start your new marketing campaign or to develop your social media strategy. Meditation allows you to shut out the rest of the world and tap into the creativity that drives the most innovative ideas a person can have.

You don’t need to meditate for hours to achieve the desired results all you need is a few minutes a day. If you’re wondering where to start you can look up Deepak Chopra on youtube to guide you through some beginner meditations. Make sure the meditation is number one on your list of New Year’s Resolutions. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed by outside pressures know that you have meditation as a tool to handle whatever comes your way this year.

Stop Caring What People Think

When your 90 years old sitting in a rocking chair or succeeding beyond your wildest dreams in a career people told you you’d never make it is not a single person’s opinion will matter. The more you understand that the easier life becomes. In 2018 make it a point to not care what other people have to say. Do what you love to do and don’t listen to other people’s projections of why they feel like you won’t make it.

If someone offers their opinion about what you’re doing, remember it’s just a projection of themselves. Don’t take it personally, let it go and if they’re people that you can cut off, do it. On your new journey, you need to be surrounded by people that support you not people filling you with doubt.

Practice Positive Affirmations

If you don’t buy yourself anything for Christmas do yourself a favor and buy the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. Companies make money off of the fact that we are damaged souls in search of something to make ourselves feel better. We as a society have fallen for those lies and feel that the answer for feeling whole and complete lies outside of us.

The best way to counteract this in 2018 is to begin to practice positive affirmations. Begin your healing journey and don’t look back, everyday practice positive affirmations to reprogram your brain to think and feel positive even when the going gets rough.

Invest in your mental health and spiritual health

This is the hardest for people to do hands down. Every day we spend money on our appearances on our physical world (clothes, handbags, cologne) that we forget to tend to our mental and spiritual health. When I was healing from my trauma I took the chance for myself and got a spiritual life coach. I was feeling lost and my life coach brought me back to life in the best way. I remembered who I was and got in touch with a stronger version of myself I never knew even existed.

We are so programmed to spend money outside of ourselves that we begin to lack inside. Don’t do this in the new year. If you need to set aside money each week for a new yoga class or a new spiritual mentor. It is worth every penny.

Focus on what you want not what you don’t want

Here I will give a little knowledge that my life coach gave me: What you’re for is stronger than what you’re against.” We are so insistent on what we don’t like about our lives that nothing ever goes right. Stop focusing on what is going wrong and start focusing on what you want to go right, focus on all the ways it can go right and start living in that space. Live in the space of RIGHT. Believe it, feel it, live it, align yourself with what you want and stop living for what you dislike, and make it a point to do that in 2018.

If you start to do all of these things, I promise you it will be your best year yet. For more information on life, coaching feel free to reach out to me via email.

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