Simple Steps to Gain More Brand Exposure

The more we get into a new paradigm of marketing the more business owners have to ask themselves how will they go about gaining exposure in the digital world? Even if it’s foot traffic you’re looking for, your digital footprint matters. When your page only has a hundred likes and you’re shooting for 1000 it can feel like it’s going to take years to get there. But it doesn’t have to, here’s how to gain more exposure to your brand without the sleepless nights:

1. Pay people to care about your brand.

You might be thinking…wait, what? But you read correctly. PAY PEOPLE. With a budget of just $50 a month, you can get an influencer to talk about your brand to the right audience and get your exposure doubled without you batting an eye. Sometimes you can even offer free products for influencers to talk about you. Reach out and ask. If you absolutely don’t know what to do, you’ve got it right hire a marketer! It’s an investment, not an expense. You can even start a VIP group for your brand. Just choose some high paying customers and see if they’d be willing to talk about your brand for free products or services. If you’re a brick and mortar you really want to identify key influencers for your community, not just random online bloggers.

2. Offer Rewards for Reviews.

Sometimes we need to train people on how we want them to interact with our brand. Having reviews online undoubtedly increases your online exposure, and you guessed it! The more reviews the better. So how do you get these reviews? You can personally invite people to leave a review on Facebook and Google and throw in a coupon for them to make sure that they come back. Of course, great service generates reviews but sometimes people just forget, so it’s up to you to remind them and remember to reward them for contributing to your brand as a customer and as your biggest critic.

3. Identify Key Partnerships.

Key partnerships can be a great way to increase brand exposure for people with a minimal budget. Think about key partnerships by thinking about where else your target market likes to shop? One of my clients offers tailor services. For us, a key partnership would be wedding venues where brides go to book their reception, we can offer brides and grooms discounts for coming to us. Another key partnership might be a gym or personal trainer, clothing is an essential part of a fitness journey and tailoring is a perfect service to offer people who are losing weight. Since prom season is coming up we are going to be offering promotions to high schools in our area and even put a coupon in the high school’s newsletter. These are just some ways key partnerships can increase brand exposure.

4. Host an event.

The best thing about hosting an event is that it can be virtual! But if you’re a brick and mortar by all means host an in-house event. It can be a ribbon cutting or an anniversary event, make sure you pull out all the stops an invite the press. If you’re hosting an online event make sure it’s something that you’re educating people on, something that they want to know, or even an exclusive sneak peek at new arrivals just make sure it’s juicy!

These are some really simple ways that you can increase brand exposure and overall traffic to your online store or brick and mortar.  You have to remember time is money and there are no shortcuts to growing your business. If you have no budget, start with making some room, cutting back on expenses maybe not ordering as much product so that you have something to put towards a marketing budget. It is extremely important that you have something to work with so that you can put the time aside to not only employ these ideas but to measure and track results.

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