Social Media Changes in 2018 and How It Will Affect Your Brand

It’s now February and with 2 months into the new year we have seen a slew of changes going on with social media algorithms and platforms including loss of demographic and more. Luckily for you I’ve been keeping my eye closely on things and here are some of the most important of the few major shifts happening and how it might effect you or how you can only imagine it will effect you and your brand.

Facebook is losing it’s younger demographic

This year alone 3 million users under the age of 25 in the UK and the US have decided to quit using Facebook altogether. This means a couple of things. First is that if you have a brand that is targeting this demographic, you want to think about focusing more time and energy into a different platform and be ready to learn and adapt. While Facebook owns Instagram and that seems to be a significant platform for that age group, Snapchat seems to be the preferred social tool among the demographic.

So what can you do about it? Get on Snapchat and start interacting with your consumer base. Snapchat has the ability for brands to be able to run ad campaigns just like any social network however with Snapchat remember its important to be visually appealing so remember to stick to an aesthetic here. If you need help in this department here is a list of a few who are doing it right on snapchat.

Facebook changed its algorithms again

  • See first on their news feed
    • Facebook is now encouraging people to follow brands by allowing them to see your brånd content first. When someone goes to like your brand page they’ll get to choose whether they want to follow and see your content first.
  • Live videos take precedent
    • Videos have always done well on Facebook but now brands who increasingly use live videos will take precedent on the news feed. This is because live videos generate the most comments, this generates discussion around a brand. As an organization or business owner if you want to gain exposure it’s really important to implement a live video schedule this year.
  • Comments
    • Facebook is taking precedent on conversation this year and it’s up to brands to create interesting content that is both in demand and creates dialogue. The more comments a brand generates the more their content will be seen by followers or even people who are friends with the people who follow your brand. Here we find it important to ask your customer base questions either about themselves or what they would like to see. Train them on how you want them to interact with you and create content you know they want to hear. I teach my clients how to do this by going to google and searching for companies like yours. Usually the first blog articles that pop up are the highest in demand that’s a good place to start. Or even talking about and discussing trending topics.
  • Demotion of “engagement-bait”
    • With engagement being high on the list of Facebook’s new algorithm, it’s even more that they want the engagement to be organic. Getting people to engage can no longer be brands requesting “Likes, Comments, or Shares” in the status. In fact if you directly put that you want people to “Like, or Comment” your post will be demoted. So it’s important that you come up with a more creative way to increase engagement on your brands posts.

Instagram has added a scheduling feature for businesses

Instagram has finally added a scheduling feature for businesses. The catch is, it’s not directly through Instagram. In the past if you had a scheduling platform, Instagram would notify you that  post needed to go out at that specific time instead of posting it for you due to the inability. Now, that has changed. Instagram has partnered with Hootsuite and other brands to make this possible. Just one more thing making your life easier as a business owner or marketer.


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