How To Maximize Instagram Marketing for Your Brand

Trying to figure out what it takes for the most engaging feed can be tricky. But don’t worry I have some tips based on my findings that will no doubt give your page a boost. However it may be best to experiment to see what works best for you, it could be one of the following or all of them.

Post Selfies & Pictures of Yourself

What I find is that when you get personal, your post will no doubt get the most likes. Test this out by taking a picture without yourself in it and then another similar one with you present. I guarantee the one with you in it will have the most likes. You don’t need to be vain, my theory is that people just like personal, better. Plus you may have friends who love you but won’t know it’s your post unless you’re in it. Instagram is very visual so be present in posts when possible.

Don’t Use Stock Photos

Once in a while won’t hurt but 98% of your feed should be all original photos. People can tell and just like in the previous tip, people like personal better. When you’re original and have your own style it makes for good content so try to find that whenever possible.

Invest in a Good Camera

This brings it back to not using stock photography. We want to be as personal as possible without compromising quality. Look at your Instagram feed as a visual portfolio of what you offer. Make it as beautiful as possible, this includes making your pictures look top notch. There is no other or better way to do so without taking some amazing pictures. A camera is an investment in your Instagram business. No matter what a filter cannot replace the quality of the photo.

Turn Quotes Into Graphics

Take quotes and put them into a graphic. This will even work for customer reviews, re-purpose them and turn them into great content by using a pretty font on an artistic background. The same goes for quotes that are relevant to your business. Fashion and beauty lines do the best at turning quotes into graphics, take a look a this Instagram page for some inspo on where to begin.

Step Up Your Caption Game

Make your captions quirky, relevant, funny or informative. Put intention behind them, whatever it may be. Believe it or not people do read the captions and depending on how good or bad they are is reflected in your post engagement. Before you post think about the feeling that you want the viewer to get. This should also be apart of your post scheduling and planning. Also, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags. The limit is 30 hashtags but studies show that brands who make use of relevant hashtags get 12% more engagement on individual posts.

Show Techniques and How Things Work/ Behind the Scenes

This is pretty self-explanatory. People like to see how things work including an event. What goes into your trade? Do you do work with your hands? You can easily get a tripod, shoot a video and put it in fast-forward if the process is long and tedious.

Make It Glamorous

All that glitters is gold when it comes to Instagram! The prettier and better you can make your pictures look the more engagement they will get. Think about when you go into the section where you can see the high performing posts of the day including what people you follow like, it’s always girls with the most extravagant highlighter, the sharpest looks, dramatic looks and more. Add drama and glamour and I guarantee a high engaging post.

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